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Chairman Profile

Mr K.M.I. De Silva

F.I Fire E London, Fire Engineering Consultant, Fire Chief C.M.C (Retd.)

Chairman's Profile

Chief Officer Fire service department. (Retired)

Fire service command and operations in the field of fire ground

Fire service training and rescue programs

Inspections of buildings for structural fire protection

Lecturing of fire programs in a recognized university

Fire engineering consultant to the state and private sector

15 years’ experience as a fire chief in premier fire service department of Sri Lanka, in which was responsible for the administration, operation, and management of the entire department. This capacity involved the implementation of accordance the state regulations in connection with the Fire Services Department.

2 years’ experience in foreign assignment in fire protections for fire safety requirements to the ministry of electricity and water in The State of Qatar.

5 years’ experience in lecturing in recognized university in architectural studies in fire protection in building under and approved syllabus for B.Sc. (Built Environment).

7 years in Naval fire service in which gained experience of ship firefighting and was holding a rank of station officer in that fire brigade.

After the official retirement to date possessed a prominent experience in rendering consultancy services to the ministry of local government service in the country and various establishments including tourist hotel in Sri Lanka and Maldives islands.

The Additional four years in the Western Province of Sir Lanka as Werd Done Fire Services Advisor under the Cabinet Approval.

1960-1970 – Fire service –Sri Lanka Air Force

1970-1975- Fire officer- Sri Lanka Navy Fire service

1975-1977- Fire Protection officer- Petroleum Corporation

1977-1991- Chief fire officer in the capital city of Sri Lanka

1991 – present- fire engineering consultant

Separate term of 2 years within the period of 1983/84 was engaged in the state of Qatar as the fire advisor to the Ministry of Electricity and Water.


Institution of Fire Engineers England

968 - Graduateship-Grad. I.Fire E. London

972 - Coporate membership – M.I. Fire E. London

1987 - ellected fellow F.I. Fire. E. London

United States of America

1985 - Certificate of completion fire protection technology-National Fire Protection Association

1988 - The international association of fire chief’s awards

2002 - Membership National Fire Protection Association

1981 - Honorary membership Tokyo fire department

2002 - Affiliate member – industrial fire protection section NFPA


1981 - Fire service administration course conducted by the JICA

1981 - Honorary membership Tokyo fire department